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Entrepreneurs should always be exploring and hustling their way to the top. We bring you all the things needed to take your business to conquer the digital space. Digital is the future. Stay ahead of the curve to confront the future. Transform your business to suit the needs of the future.

We offer a wide range of services from custom website development for small businesses to fool-proof business applications for complex enterprise problems. We guarantee high-quality standards, creative designs, consistent and cost-effective results to maximize your competitive advantage and improve the productivity of your organization.

We are experts in:

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal

We Take Your Business Online in No Time With These Open Source CMS Platforms.


Websites developed using Joomla frameworks are robust and scalable. We have our own Joomla experts to bring your dream of a digital brand identity a reality in just a few weeks against months. Our developers can get your requirements just by asking the right set of questions and you can consider it done when they are done with it. You can reach out to us even if your needs are to get your existing theme redesigned or to develop a custom module to add new functionality to hook more users to your website.


23.4% of websites today is powered by WordPress. We have our team of WordPress developers to help you create any type of website you want. Be it a personal blog, a travel photo blog, a news portal, a business website, or a website for a non-profit business. We offer end-to-end support from domain purchase, installation to post-live maintenance. You wouldn't have to move a needle when the project is on us. You can reach out to us for custom plugin development, theme redesign or even to build mobile accelerated landing pages for your existing website. Take your brand online and drive traffic from every internet enabled device with our responsive, mobile first WordPress web development service.


You will find difficulty getting developers for your Drupal website because there are only a few around. We have Drupal experts with years of experience building high-quality websites for global clients. Drupal is one of the underrated platforms that can bring robustness and scalability to your websites than any other well-known platform here. The greatness of Drupal lies in the fact that it is hard to crack by hackers. We build custom modules to address your key challenges. Digital Africa Group also helps in your migration process in case you want to upgrade your existing Drupal to the newer version. Besides this, we do custom module development and theme customization for existing Drupal websites.

Leave it to us and Relax

Why fuss around when you can get a team that can handle your processes end-to-end?

It is hard to find people for different tasks, evaluate them, contract them and bill them. We understand your concerns more clearly than anybody else does. That is why we are in the business for years without being sidelined by other quick-buck freelancers.

Don’t compromise your standards by hiring too many players into the game. You will end up as a referee for a non-ending game of chaos and fist fights. Get the most professional set of people at Digital Africa Group to do the work for you. The company has years of experience designing high-quality websites for clients across the globe. We offer customized, feature-packed web solutions at attractive rates. Get your idea of building your digital business presence transformed into reality with bespoke web portals designed by the talented creative designers at Digital Africa Group.

We are Agile!

Having said that, we are a team of highly qualified web developers dedicated to delivering effective, easily manageable solutions that are cost effective as well. The tracking and monitoring system does a constant check on the progress and sheds its feathers accordingly. We interpret how a user interacts with the design and customize the design for the most optimal user experience. Our framework for website development revolves around the agile principles of: making it mobile first, striving for a quick turnaround, fixing user experience patterns

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of our company is that we customize our services to meet with clients’ business requirements to the closest.

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