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We are a 360° E-Commerce Development Agency

At Digital Africa Group, we take care of all the facets of eCommerce development starting from planning your retail architecture to ensuring your mechanize reaches the right hands.

There are hundreds of things to do as an e-commerce entrepreneur other than building a website. There is a payment gateway to be integrated to get money directly into your bank account, a support system to be added if you want to outsource your customer service, a fully streamlined customer onboarding with automated emails sent to every user – be it a cart abandonment or a purchase. We know how to take the burden with a fully automated system to take care of everything or at least build a flexible store to ensure that there are placeholders left to plugin these features later. Why risk giving your development to somebody who builds a non-scalable and inflexible store that needs to be pulled down each time you want to add a new feature?

Our decades of experience in setting up online shops for busy entrepreneurs and frugal dropshipping merchants have taught us how to map the overall process. We understand the cracks that could suck your time and money out if left opened. Growth hack your way to a sustainable e-commerce business that can grow consistently and can withstand the risks of competition.

Our e-commerce website development is multi-disciplinary with focus on everything about performance, security, scalability, and usability. We are experts in future-proof e-commerce website development using the below platforms

  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify

At Digital Africa Group we combine a beautiful frontend design, simple navigation, an easy checkout process, and faster loading pages to deliver a great shopping experience. Why reinvent the wheel?. Get started with a custom e-commerce store that delivers maximized revenues and substantially higher conversion rates.


Woocommerce takes the giant share of the e-commerce content platform market. There are more than a million websites globally that use Woocommerce for their development. Digital Africa Group has a knack for building great stores on top of a well-tested platform like Woocommerce. We own the Woocommerce space with expert developers who have years of experience building themes, plugins, extensions for our global clientele. Our development framework is pretty much stable and has detailed guidelines for coding guidelines that span across different versions of Woocommerce. You can reach out to us even if you are looking out to fix the performance and scalability of your existing store. To say the least, count on us for anything under the sky in Woocommerce development. Our transparent business processes give you the confidence on why we are on the right track to building a secure, scalable and sustainable store for you.


It doesn't matter whether you want to set up a new online store or optimize your existing store, our Magento eCommerce development experts can come up with optimal solutions that suit your needs. Our developers have years of experience building unique themes, extensions and 3rd party integration solutions for even for the rarest of the business eCommerce feature needs. We work across different versions of Magento and has proper frameworks to handle the ambiguities thus arise. Get a fully featured eCommerce store with end-to-end functionalities with Digital Africa Group's Magento eCommerce solutions.


Shopify is the latest sensation among eCommerce entrepreneurs. Using Shopify you can get your store up in less than an hour. But we have found that most of the entrepreneurs who are so keen about making their brand stand out, come to us for theme customization and adding Shopify based extensions for their specific requirements. At Digital Africa Group, we have our renowned Shopify experts who can deliver a complete range of Shopify services with ease. We bring together both the technology and business experts to understand, solve and deliver tailored solutions to the problems that our client's face. They are committed, focussed and technically strong to face any challenge that comes their way. Get started by contacting us to create the state-of-the-art Shopify store, that is both visually appealing and functionally robust.

User Centric eCommerce Development

1. Do you know that you could lose 27% of your users if your website takes another one second to load?

2. Are you aware of the number of devices ranging from mobiles to laptops to tablets, that your prospective customer would use to access your store?

3.Do you know that your customer’s brand loyalty is more inclined towards his experience at the store than anything else?

We at Digital Africa Group know this very well and we have built our development frameworks and strategies around the concepts of mobile first, user experience design and test driven development. Our websites are built responsive for almost all devices and the store’s information architecture is designed with your customers in mind.

With users’ devices ranging from mobiles to laptops to tablets, you need a site that matches screen size and resolution limitations. We understand these frameworks better than anybody else and will help develop an website compatible and responsive to all different devices.

A 360° Agency With Consistent Focus on the Future Trends

Digital is always changing. Make sure you future proof your store keeping an eye on things that could break your store in the future. We develop websites not just for the current needs but also keeping the doors open for your future needs. We know the black holes in the day-to-day life of an e-commerce entrepreneur. Keep yourself safe from the payment gateway failures, shipping system changes, customer support pit holes, email workloads etc.

Stay safe with future-proof frameworks and longsighted e-commerce development like the Digital Africa Group.

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