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What’s Included in PPC Services?

We at Digital Africa Group, are pioneers in the digital advertising space. DAG has helped hundreds of global businesses of different sizes, from various verticals and with different business needs to reach their targets within a limited budget.

Pay-per-clicks are a great way to get your business in front of thousands of your audiences even if you have no time to build SEO for your website. If you need to scale your reach within a short period of time, but within a fixed budget we have plans for you. DAG’s PPC experts have helped businesses ranging from small local shops to giant multinational companies to set and reach their goals.

Below is the list of activities which we handle with our PPC management Services

  • Discovering keywords and picking the best ones for your campaign based on target conditions.
  • Ad copy creation for both your text ads and display banner ads.
  • Optimizing landing pages for better conversions
  • Save more from our tried-and-tested bid management strategy.
  • Conversion tracking to measure and scale your outcomes.
  • PPC monitoring & reporting to know about the underlying metrics and your KPIs.

PPC Services and Campaign Management Strategy

Strategic Keyword Recommendations

Our PPC experts do an extensive keyword research to identify those keywords that can bring you a bucket load of leads while keeping the bids within the boundaries. We know how to tap into the unexplored territories to find those less explored keywords with low competition but with huge potential for conversion. The keywords thus identified will very often go beyond the obvious and will be the ones that you'd 've never even thought off!

PPC Copywriting

Ad copies serve us the driving force behind click-through rates and lead conversions. Your ad title and description should not only generate interest in customers to click on it but should also be keyword rich to give it a better quality score and hence a cheaper bid. Our copywriters know how to make your ads look catchy as well as effective.

Bid Management

Our years of experience in this field has taught us when, what and where to bid. Our bid management strategy explores all the possibilities of bidding from the right time to bid, the right geographies, the right demographics of the audience and the right devices to bid for. Bids are monitored closely to adjust the bids often based on learnings to give you a great ROI.

Choose the Right PPC Services Company

Pay per click advertising is about money and time. You lose money if you do it wrong. Do you want to risk your chances by betting on a mediocre team that deals with PPC as an operational task?

The right PPC agency will always understand the importance of the art and science involved in the advertising space. Those agencies know

  • the innovative ways of finding the keywords that lie on the unexplored territories.
  • to balance the game of money and the risk involved.
  • the creative aspects of percieving visitors and writing a great ad copy for a better quality score.
  • A vibrant team to monitor your bids to suit your bid management strategy.
  • Have an overall framework to organize and deliver things without breaking the organization processes.

Don’t risk blowing your PPC budget on a poorly managed campaign. Try us and see the difference in how we deal with your campaigns.

More Traffic! More Leads! More Sales!

You deserve more!. Get more traffic, get more leads and more sales. Stop starving yourself fearing risk. We make the whole part of PPC advertising risk averse. We know how to manage our spends and keep the cost per acquisition within check. By utilizing and balancing on the ropes we have delivered awesome and astonishing results to hundreds of our clients. We deliver on Ad Spend (RoAS) than you have ever seen before.

Adding to this is our unmatched portfolio of satisfied clients & long history of successful PPC Campaign management.

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