Data Driven and ROI Focused SEO Services

Data Driven Search Engine Optimization

Digital Africa Group offers you world-class SEO services in Africa to help your business gain visibility in the crowded online space.

It’s time for you to increase your ROI by building an active and notable online presence which will be the key to reaching out to and acquiring more of your potential customers. If you compete with those significant players in the digital space and still lack an effective SEO strategy to out beat them, you are not only missing out golden opportunities to maximize your revenues but also risking a prosperous future.

Growth hack your outreach with us. We help you:

  • Explore the immense value of keyword research to spread your wings
  • With an insightful competitor analysis to understand where you lack visibility.
  • Build authority for your website with proper backlink research.
  • Fix your marketing funnel with CTR(click-through-rate) monitoring and enhancement

Our on-page tricks are derived from years of experience. Search engines love your website for its search-friendly design and keyword-rich content. We build authority to your website with our tried-and-tested off page hacks that we have successfully deployed in 1000s of our client websites. Be it on-page or off-page, you can trust our SEO services to carry out all the strategies in a methodical manner. As a leading and reputed digital marketing agency in the global market for years, we always leverage our expertise to ensure that the results far exceed your expectations, that too only by ethical means.

Link Building

Our link building activities are more focused on the target keywords and targeted towards achieving excellence by comparing and analyzing your competitor backlink profile.

Monthly SEO Task

We know that one size doesn't fit all. Keeping that in mind, our monthly SEO activities are customized based on your industry, customer persona, target keywords and more towards achieving your business objectives.

Content Strategy

Just creating content will suffice your SEO results. Your content should look great to search engines with rich information, semantically related terminologies and easy for both the search engines and your audience to understand. We know how to do that for you with limited inputs from you.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy is not only results-driven but also connects your brand to its audience with the right messaging and using the right marketing channels for distribution.

While many organizations spend to time implement an editorial calendar to fill content quotas in the first place, we have realized that without a rich, data-driven content strategy, this can only be a wasteful investment. And we have also found a majority of organizations failing to plan and implement a digital content strategy that aligns with their business objectives. This can happen when you are too obsessed with SEO and keywords and forget your actual audience. In some cases, it can also be because working in the same environment day in and day out makes it difficult to bring a different process and insight to the table.

Your success in content marketing is about how methodical the strategy is and how easy it is to repeat the process. There are more eyeballs on the digital space than ever, with more businesses shifting their focus to digital. Digital marketers have become more accountable to senior management than ever. You must have the ability to quantify the results of the initiatives you have carried out and should be able to quantify the outcomes. To do that with excellence, you have to install a sound content strategy in place.

Link Building Process

Strategy & Execution: We put our weight behind what we have learned from our years of experience building authority for websites. Our keyword & competitor researches are comprehensive and thorough. We learn from your competitors about what they do and map a plan to fill the gaps and to out-weigh their strengths. It's basically a SWOT analysis from a competitor perspective. While keyword research is a bucket analysis of different segments and their preferences in addition to your own business objectives. In short, we put the lens on your keyword lists through 3 windows - your customer's, your competitor's and yours.

Tracking and Reporting: We maintain a Report of all requests sent, submission done and back links built. We share the report with you as per the mutually agreed schedule.

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